Eminence Salon and Spa

Hair Removal - Waxing and Threading

  Eyebrows - Wax or Threading10  
  Upper Lip - Wax or Threading7  

  Lip and Eyebrow - Wax or Threading

  Chin - Wax or Threading10  
  Neck - Wax or Threading15  
  Nose - Wax or Threading10  
  Face Sides - Wax or Threading20  
  Face Full - Wax or Threading


  Arms Half30  
  Arms Full35 and up  
  Arms Full and Underarm45  
  Arms Full and Leg Full90  
  Back Full60  
  Back Upper25  
  Back Middle25  
  Back Lower25  
  Bikini30 and up  
  Brazilian50 and up  
  Hands With Manicure10  
  Leg Half45  
  Leg Full65 and up  
  Leg Full and Bikini90  
  Leg Full and Brazilian105